full stack health tracking
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Body track

Build Status

Body track backend rules

  • Database commandments

    1. All measurement values are in metric units - weight = kg - height = cm - calories = kcal
    2. All time values are in UTC
    3. All ip related values need to support both ipv4 and ipv6
    4. Email addresses are unique per user
  • HTTP APIs specs

    • Authentication
      • JWTs:
        • 14 day maximum lease time
        • claims (userid)
      • OAuth2: scopes (email, profile, stats, workouts)
    • REST based design
    • Allow export via CSV all personal data
    • Allow deleting account data
    • 80ms 95th percentile max response time for all calls
  • Frontend specs

    • Support Chrome, Firefox, Safari
    • Support mobile and desktop sizes
    • All pages should be bookmarkable, including queries for charts and search
    • Performance
      • 2 seconds 95th pct for TTI
      • Full page size must be under 500kb (including API calls)