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title: "{{ replace .Name "-" " " | title }}"
date: {{ dateFormat "2006-01-02" .Date }}
draft: true
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# Default post template
## Writing tips
1. Find a good topic and commit to it
eg how to get started blogging
2. Make your goals and audience specific
Who is my Audience: eg People who want to start blogging, especially about technical topics, but havent done it yet.
What is my Goal: eg. Give people a concrete set of steps and pointers so they can get started.
3. Have a beginning, middle, and end
4. Get feedback and iterate
5. Add finishing touches: packaging, publication, and promotion
From [freeCodeCamp: How to write a great technical blog post][1]
## Syntax highlighting example
```go {linenos=table,hl_lines=[8,"15-17"],linenostart=199}
// GetTitleFunc returns a func that can be used to transform a string to
// title case.
// The supported styles are
// - "Go" (strings.Title)
// - "AP" (see
// - "Chicago" (see
// If an unknown or empty style is provided, AP style is what you get.
func GetTitleFunc(style string) func(s string) string {
switch strings.ToLower(style) {
case "go":
return strings.Title
case "chicago":
tc := transform.NewTitleConverter(transform.ChicagoStyle)
return tc.Title
tc := transform.NewTitleConverter(transform.APStyle)
return tc.Title