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Git tips - lint + test pre-commit hook 2020-01-01T21:00:39Z

A nice last minute sanity check I use is a pre-commit hook that auto runs test and lint commands from a makefile or package.json if they're found:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

if [ -f "$PWD/makefile" ] && [ ! -z "$(cat $PWD/makefile | grep '^lint:')" ]; then
    echo "running make lint"
    make lint
elif [ -f "$PWD/package.json" ] && [ ! -z "$(cat $PWD/package.json | grep "^\"lint\":")" ]; then
    echo "running npm run lint"
    npm run lint

if [ -f "$PWD/makefile" ] && [ ! -z "$(cat $PWD/makefile | grep '^test:')" ]; then
    echo "running make test"
    make test
elif [ -f "$PWD/package.json" ] && [ ! -z "$(cat $PWD/package.json | grep "^\"test\":")" ]; then
    echo "running npm run test"
    npm run test

If the test or lint command fails then the git commit command fails. If I absolutely need to commit something in spite of the lint/test results I can do git commit --no-verify to skip the pre-commit hook.