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title: "Dotfiles Repo"
date: 2019-11-08T10:49:13-06:00
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title: "Git Tips - Global Pre-commit Hooks"
title: "Git Tips - Lint + Test Pre-commit Hook"
date: 2020-01-01T21:00:39Z
tags: [git, testing, bash]
tags: [git, bash, ]
[Git hooks][1] are a feature of the Git VCS that allow you to fire off custom logic on the client side when you take
actions in your repository. These are shell scripts in the `.git/hooks/` directory of your repository, but they can also
exist in your home directory at `~/.githooks/`.
Any hooks found in `~/.githooks/` are executed globally, this makes it easy to setup a custom workflow that is consistent
across your entire machine.
## Automatically lint and test on commit
One of my favorite hooks is the `~/.githooks/pre-commit` hook that auto runs test and lint commands from a `makefile` or
One of my favorite inventions is a `pre-commit` hook that auto runs test and lint commands from a `makefile` or
`package.json` if they're found:
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If the test or lint command fails then the `git commit` command fails. If I absolutely need to commit something in spite
of the lint/test results I can do `git commit --no-verify` to skip the `pre-commit` hook.
[1]: "Git hooks"

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title: "Init Systems 101"
date: 2019-11-08T10:50:17-06:00
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title: "SSH For Fun and Profit"
date: 2019-11-08T10:48:47-06:00
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